Fun "Slayings" for Your Business Triumphs


Tired of the same old, same old when it comes to exuberant quips about success?

Phrases like “we killed it” or “slayed them” feeling a little outdated or wrong for your business?

Let’s arm you with some new verbiage that will be sure to catch on and capture the fire that comes with a business triumph.

While these screams of joy  may not have the aggressiveness of war and destruction, you’ll be showing that your company is  a bit more humane. 

And these hallway zingers can easily be tailored for any industry. a few examples...

“Farming & Agriculture” Motiffs

How’d the presentation go?

            “Tilled and planted, dude.”

            “Harvest time!”

            “Watered. Fertilized. And Bloom!”
                  (for big wins, try adding the hands to indicate flowering)

“Wine and Food” THemes

Did they sign the contract?

            “Barrel to bottle, man.”

            “Grape to glass, pal.”
                   (okay to feign a celebratory sip on this one)

            “Cookies in the oven, bro.”

“Insurance & Financial” quips

Did they approve the rollout?

            “Numbers crunched!”

            “High interest, big volume, my man.”

            “This IPO just…launched.”
                  (rocket motion and sound effects optional here)


And for those minor setbacks…

How the meeting go?

            “Cake fell.”

            “Market crashed.”

            “We’re corked.”
                   (popping sound optional)

So break out of the box. Launch a new catchphrase. And dazzle your coworkers. Speak success in the language of your industry.