You can have the best camera and lighting equipment on the market and still create lousy video. 

Why? Because quality interview-based video is all about establishing a good rapport with your subject and putting them at ease to be their best. That’s the big secret. Whether it’s a video for your business, a case study, or testimonial, you cannot create good rapport in post production. 

You can try to mask a lackluster interview with graphics and music swells, but if you’re trying to capture a genuine connection with your on-camera subject, you need to be able to help them feel safe enough to be themselves.

If you can do this, you get something magical. Authenticity. Honesty. Believability. And your subject does not even have to be the most dynamic individual to be interesting, They Just need to be connected to what they are saying.

So, next time you're writing a script or in pre production on a video for your organization or small business, spend some time thinking about how you will direct your on-camera talent.  

If possible, talk to the person you will be interviewing prior to the shoot -- either by phone or face to face. A lot of subtlety can be conveyed when you hear someone's voice as opposed to just exchanging a barrage of emails or texts.  

Even a short conversation can put both you and your subject at ease and help establish trust. It will make a big difference when you get to the set or location and pay big dividends in the editing room.

Because once you capture a natural, conversational interview, the rest you really can do in post.